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Black Friday in United States of America 2020

When is Black Friday?

27th November, 2020

Until Black Friday
24th November, 2017
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27th November, 2020

Black Friday is usually celebrated on Friday.

Celebrated after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is primarily a day for shopping. As the 1st day after the last major US holiday occurring before Christmas, Black Friday is used to mark the unofficial start of the season for shopping for Christmas. As such, many employers and organizations give their staff the day off because it is part of the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

However, Black Friday was originally called so because many people used to shop on this day that they caused violence and traffic accidents. As a result, the phrase was coined by the PPD (Philadelphia Police Department) to describe the general mayhem surrounding the congestion of auto and pedestrian traffic in the city’s downtown area.

Black Friday celebrates the beginning of the unofficial Christmas shopping period. Occurring on the day after Thanksgiving, it gives retailers the opportunity to kick off this season by offering amazing discounts on a variety of products.

Lucky shoppers, on the other hand, use the day to buy the limited supply on select goods. Traditionally, brick and mortar stores open earlier than their usual business hours. Some even go so far as opening their doors to shoppers at midnight on Thanksgiving Day.
Recently, even e-commerce websites have started offering similar discounts, free shipping, and sales on Black Friday.

Black Friday is a primarily commercial holiday. As such, most people celebrate the day because of the amazing discounts offered by retailers. Retailers, on the other hand, use the day to attract more customers and make more sales in the run-up to the Christmas holiday season, with most reporting some of their biggest profits of the year.

The black section of the name, however, relates to the fact that some business record significant losses in red ink but use black ink to record gains. This tradition has carried into modern accounting, hence the name Black Friday.

However, the Black Friday term got traction because of the internet. More particularly, websites that offer deals – including started highlighting Black Friday sales as early as 2003. Soon after, other retailers picked up the name. Before then, people would refer to this Friday as the Day after Thanksgiving Sale, among other variations.

The day following Thanksgiving is usually a Friday. Traditionally, it is the official or unofficial (depending on where you live and work) start of the season for holiday shopping.

As such, almost every store has a door buster sale and early bird specials designed to attract customers. These sales often cause shoppers to stand in line for several hours waiting for the stores to open up so that they get the chance to grab attractive bargains and stock up for Christmas.

Over the past few years, the same trend has gone viral over the internet – with many online stores offering attractive promotions and discounts. Some stores even start their Black Friday sales on Monday, Wednesday, and even on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday).

Alternative names for Black Friday: ‘The Day After Thanksgiving’

Originally derisive but now mainstream, Black Friday is the term used to describe the shopping mania that happens in the United States on the Friday following Thanksgiving Thursday.

On this day, millions of shoppers do not go to school or work. Instead, they crowd stores – both online and brick and mortar stores – to kick start the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Over time, the origins and true meaning of the Black Friday terms have become obscured. However, people have invented fanciful explanations for how the phrase because attached to the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. One particular example explains that the term started when slave owners and traders used this Friday to sell and buy slaves.

As the name suggests, Black Friday falls on a Friday. It traditionally occurs on the day following Thanksgiving.

Today, it marks the unofficial start of the Christmas season – and this has been happening since the late 19th Century. More particularly, President Abraham Lincoln designated Thanksgiving to occur on the last Thursday in November. The Friday after Thanksgiving is now called Black Friday.

Black Friday is a public holiday celebrated all over the United States.

Black Friday is not officially recognized as a federal holiday in the United States. As such, many banks remain open on the day. However, it is an unofficial holiday dedicated to shopping for Christmas. As such, some financial institutions close their doors on Black Friday so that their employees can have the weekend following Thanksgiving off.

No, there is no school on Black Friday. Students also use the day to do some Christmas shopping and get attractive discounts on gifts and other products.

On federal holidays – including Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and Columbus Day – the Post Office is generally closed. However, since Black Friday is not an official federal holiday, the Post Office is open. As such, mail will be delivered as usual on this day.

Yes, the Stock Market is open on Black Friday.

However, the hours of trading are limited. For instance, the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) opens on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day although the markets officially close at 1 pm ET.

In the same way, NASDAQ (the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System) closes on Thanksgiving but opens on Black Friday but for a few hours. NASDAQ closes at 1 p.m.

Similarly, the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), Boston Stock Exchange (BSE), Boston Equities Exchange (BEX), Boston Options Exchange (BOX), Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), Chicago Board Of Trade (CBOT), Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX), International Securities Exchange (ISE), Miami Stock Exchange (MS4X), National Stock Exchange (NSX), Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) are all open for limited hours on Black Friday.

Although Thanksgiving is an official federal holiday, Black Friday is not. Even so, virtually all universities and schools are closed because the day is recognized as an unofficial holiday in many states.

However, shops, malls, parks, city offices, government offices, post offices, and bank officers are open on Black Friday.

The overwhelming majority of large bank offices open for business as usual on this day – with normal hours at most bank branches all over the country. For instance, banks like HSBC, Chase, and Wells Fargo open all their bank branches on Black Friday while most other major banks remain open with normal banking hours.

However, there are some exceptions. These include bank branches that are located in areas which are close to visitors on the day following Thanksgiving. For example, if the bank branch is inside a college campus that closes on Black Friday, then the bank may also close for the day.

Additionally, some small local banks and credit unions close on Black Friday. These include the Allegan Credit Union (Michigan) and the Federal Credit Union. Other than that, most schools and universities close for the day while post offices, city offices, government offices, malls, parks, and shops remain open on Black Friday.

Black Friday gives millions of Americans the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping. As the day following Thanksgiving, it has now become one of the major shopping holidays of the year. It usually falls between November 23rd and 29th.

Although it is yet to be recognized as an official holiday in the US, many employees get the day off – apart from those who work in the retail sector. People love this day because it gives them the opportunity to enjoy attractive discounts and deals, which allows them to shop for Christmas gifts and a variety of other products they have been waiting for all year round.

Historically, the term Black Friday was first recorded by Earl Apfelbaum (who dealt in rare stamps) in 1966. In the advert, Earl said that Black Friday was the name coined by the Philadelphia Police Department to the Friday following Thanksgiving Thursday. At the time, the term was not one of endearment.

Today, it is used to officially kick start the Christmas holiday shopping season in most cities and towns. As a result, it typically attracts crowds on sidewalks and traffic jams as most stores are mobbed from the time they open to the time they close.

As a long day, Black Friday is one of the days when retailers open up their stores at 5 a.m. or earlier to the throngs of people waiting outside. There are numerous loss leaders and door busters with the prices being so low that some stores might not make attractive profits. However, Black Friday is the unofficial day for shopping all over the United States.

Most people eat the leftovers from Thanksgiving on Black Friday.

Few people cook on Black Friday. Instead, they eat the food from Thanksgiving. As such, there are no known Black Friday recipes.

Most Black Friday sales start at midnight over the internet. However, regular brick and mortar stores either open up at midnight or at around 5 a.m. so that shoppers can take advantage of the holiday to stock up for the Christmas holiday season.

The first day after the Thanksgiving Holiday, Black Friday marks the beginning of the Black Friday or the Thanksgiving Weekend.

On this day, as well as on the days following it, most people shop for the holidays and take advantage of the offers and discounts provided by most stores.

As a result, few people go away for the weekend – apart from those who travel to be with their families over Thanksgiving.

5 Black Friday Important Facts

  1. Black Friday is a special shopping day after thanksgiving where there are huge discounts in all stores.
  2. An interesting example can explain the term has started when slave owners and traders used this Friday to sell and buy slaves.
  3. Black Friday has officially started in 1966 and was named by Earl Apfelbaum.
  4. Black Friday is celbrated on the last Friday of November every year.
  5. Black Friday was called like this by the PPD because on this day there was so much violence because of the sales so it was called Black Friday.

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