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Cinco de Mayo in United States of America 2021

When is Cinco de Mayo?

Wednesday, 5th May, 2021

Until Cinco de Mayo
5th May, 2017
5th May, 2018
5th May, 2019
5th May, 2020
5th May, 2021

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on the 5th May every year.

Cinco de-Mayo is a holiday celebrated across the US. It is a celebration of Mexican heritage and the elements of the culture that have been embraced by many Americans.

It is sometimes mistaken for the Mexican Day of Independence which is on 16 September. It is instead a day where the spirit of Mexico is able to be celebrated with good music, exciting dancing, great food and celebratory drinks.

It celebrates the victory of the Mexican people over a foreign army that had invaded their country in the 1800s. 2000 Mexicans were able to defeat an army of 6000 French troops in the Battle of Pueblo on 5 May 1862.

In the US it has become a celebration of all the good things that come from Mexico, especially the food, drinks, music, and dancing.

It is Spanish for 5th of May which is the time of year when the Mexicans had their victory in their battle against a much larger French army.

For Mexican people, it is to celebrate the success of their nation against an invader. For the USA it is to celebrate Mexican culture that has become a part of the broader cultural life in the US and enjoyed by many Americans.

This is a holiday celebration that is not formally recognized by the US government but is enjoyed widely across the US.

Yes. Schools are opened and may have special lessons or events.

Yes, the post office indeed works normally on this holiday.

Yes. Open as usual and that includes: the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ), American Stock Exchange (Amex), BSE, BEX, BOX, CBOE, CBOT, CME, CHX, ISE, MS4X, NSX, PHLX.

All facilities should be open as normal although there may be special events or activities.

Schools, Universities, Shops, Parks, Malls, Government offices, City offices, post offices, and bank offices should all be open as usual.

It is a great opportunity to celebrate so many of the good aspects of Mexican culture that have become a part of life in the US.

It is also a chance to hear about Mexican success stories and how people have come to the US bringing their culture with them and helped to enrich the culture in America.

Many people will be celebrating by eating Mexican food, drinking Mexican drinks such as margaritas, and listening to Mexican music.

In 1862 the French army came to Mexico to claim payment for a debt and decided to try to invade the country. The Mexican people joined together and on 5 May a French army of 6000 men fought 2000 Mexican people and lost.

It became known as the Battle of Puebla and became a symbol of Mexican resistance and the spirit of the people.

Many people enjoy the music and dancing shows that are put on for the day. There are festivals in the cities with a larger Mexican population. These could even include Mexican wrestling.

Cities with a large Mexican population will often have weekend festivals with events where Mexican culture is recognized and celebrated.

There is a great variety of Mexican food that is already popular in the US. It is an opportunity for those who have not yet tried it to sample some popular dishes. These could include tacos, enchiladas, burritos, nachos, guacamole, and salsa.

Where the cities are holding a festival they may be holding a community parade as well. The cities with festivals provide information online that will advise you of the festival activities include the route of the parade.

There will be street closures in those cities during the parade.

Cinco de Mayo festivals occur in centers where there is a large Mexican population which is mainly in the south-west of the US. The festivals will include Mexican music and dancing, as well as food and, in someplaces, a parade.

The holiday not usually celebrated with masks, although you may see Mexican wrestling masks and long black mustaches around.

In some churches in the US, there will be prayers in support of the Mexican people who have made the US their home, as well as prayers to help those who feel they are understrength and not able to overcome a force bigger than themselves.

It is not a formal day of gift giving. This is a day of celebrating culture when people share food and drinks together. It is a chance to socialize and enjoy the music and dancing shows. Inviting friends and sharing Mexican food and drinks is the usual gift giving that occurs.

Gifts such as a margarita mix, special Mexican foods, and sauces, fiesta donkeys, Mexican decorative items, or Cinco de Mayo t-shirts are all appropriate items for this day.

The holiday is not regarded as a big day for shopping sales. It is, however, a big day for avocado, tequila and beer sales which massively increase on this day.

5 Cinco de Mayo Important Facts

  1. Celebrated on the 5th May every year.
  2. This is a holiday celebration that is not formally recognized by the US government.
  3. It is a celebration of Mexican heritage and the elements of the culture.
  4. In this date the mexicans won against the French large army.
  5. It is sometimes mistaken for the Mexican Day of Independence which is on 16 September.

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