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Inauguration Day in United States of America 2020

When is Inauguration Day?

20th January, 2020

Until Inauguration Day
20th January, 2017
20th January, 2018
20st January, 2019
20th january, 2020

Inauguration Day takes place in the USA on January 20 after an election which takes place every four years. If January 20 falls on a Sunday, the oath is administered to the president-elect in private and then a public ceremony follows the next day which is 21st January.

On Inauguration Day in the USA, the president and the Vice President-elect of the USA are sworn into office. Their term usually begins with the swearing into office at noon in Washington DC at Capitol Building.

The Oath of office is traditionally administered by the Chief Justice. This ceremony is usually organized by a Congressional Committee that deals explicitly with inaugural ceremonies and which is chosen by the president-elect. The swearing ceremony is afterward followed by a parade that takes place along Pennsylvania Avenue.

The parade’s routes are usually lined with tens of thousands of American Citizens who wave at their new President. The new president afterward watches this parade from White House at the Presidential View Stand.

Inauguration Day celebrates the day on which the USA President-elect and Vice President-elect take their oath of office. Thus this day commemorates the day which there is a change of guard as well as the day which these leaders commit themselves to serving the nation.

This day is crucial since it celebrates the presidency and the functions of the office thus the president gets a chance to address the nation and the set the agenda which will guide him or her in the next four years of office.

Americans Celebrate Inauguration day because it is on this day that the President-elect and Vice-president elect who were elected in the last elections are sworn into office. This is a historic day that sees a change of guard when the incumbent leaves office or in the other case the incumbent is given a fresh mandate to continue leading the nation.

This day is also essential since Citizens get to listen to the president’s inaugural speech which usually outlines what he or she expects to achieve at the end of the term. On top of this, this is a good day to see the president and vice president and even wave at them especially during the parade.

Alternative names of Inauguration Day Inauguration Day has no other alternative name.

Inauguration day is a formal ceremony that marks the commencement of a President and Vice-President elect’s 4-year term in the USA. It is on this day that they take the oath of office This ceremony takes place for each new presidential term even in scenarios whereby the incumbent remains in office for a second term. It is also on this day that we get to hear the president’s agenda for the nation in his or her inaugural speech.

Inauguration day is usually on 20th January after elections are held. This day is often about 72-78 days after elections which are held in November. An exception can only be made if 20th January falls on a Sunday. In such a scenario, the president takes the oath of office privately on that day and a public ceremony is held the next day which is 21st January.

The president’s term usually commences that day at noon after the oath of office is administered after the president recites the oath of office. Other activities that take place on this day include parades, social gatherings, balls and a luncheon.

Inauguration Day is a federal, not a public holiday.

Inauguration Day is a federal, not a public holiday.

Yes, there is school on this day.

Yes, the post office opens just like any other working day.

The stock markets is open on Inauguration Day, NYSE – Yes Nasdaq- Yes American Stock Exchange (AMEX)-Yes Boston Stock Exchange (BSE)-Yes Boston Equities Exchange (BEX)-Yes Boston Options Exchange (BOX)-Yes Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)-Yes Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)-Yes Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)-Yes Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)-Yes International Securities Exchange (ISE)-Yes Miami Stock Exchange (MS4X)-Yes National Stock Exchange (NSX)-Yes Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX)-Yes

Everyone reports to work apart from Federal employees from the District of Columbia.

All business, schools and organizations remain open on this day.

Inauguration day is a significant day in the history of America this is because it is on this day that the president is given a fresh mandate to lead the nation. Moreover, it is on this day that we get to listen to the presidential inaugural speech which outlines his or her agenda for the next four years.

This day is also full of various events such as press conferences, luncheons, balls, dinners. A few citizen get a rare chance to interact with the president at these social gatherings and thus take part in making history.

The Inauguration Day has always taken place on 20th January since 1937. The first president was inaugurated on 30th April 1789 and subsequent inaugurations between 1793 and 1933 took place on March 4 with exceptions when the day fell on a Sunday in which case the public ceremony was rescheduled to Monday the 5th.

The day was moved to January 20th after the 20th amendment to the USA constitution and has been the official inauguration Day ever since. With the exception being when the day fell on a Sunday. Inauguration Days are traditionally held in Washington Dc since 1801, at the Capitol Building. Before 1801 inaugurations were held at Federal Hill located in New York City and later at Congress Hall located at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This day is usually full of pomp and color. The day starts with a prayer service for the presidential-elect on the morning of Inauguration Day. The inauguration ceremony takes place later in the day at Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

This ceremony usually begins at noon. This oath of office is administered by the Chief Justice of USA. At this ceremony, the presidential oath of office is the main component of the ceremony under the USA constitution.

Other activities usually follow later. These activities include parades, balls, dinners and other social gatherings. The presidential parade, for instance, is watched by the newly sworn-in president from presidential view stand at Whitehouse.

5 Inauguration Day Important Facts

  1. Ceremony that is held with the president and the vice president getting sworn into office.
  2. Usually cekebrated on the 20th of January but if it falls on Sunday than it will be moved to the day after the 21st of January.
  3. Federal, not a public holiday.
  4. The Inaguration Ceremony takes place at Capitol Hill in Washington DC.
  5. The first president was inagurated on 30th of April 1789.

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