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Mother’s Day in United States of America 2021

When is Mother’s Day?

Sunday, 9th May, 2021

Until Mother’s Day
14th May, 2017
13th May, 2018
12th May, 2019
10th May, 2019
9th May, 2021

Mother’s Day is celebrated in May on the second Sunday.

Mothers Day in USA is a holiday that celebrates mothers as well as mother figures. This holiday recognizes the contributions that they have made to society. This day is held annually in May on the second Sunday.

During this day, people send gifts and cards to their mothers as well as their mother figures. In this light, several people also visit their parents.

Some of the gifts exchanged on this day include flowers, candy, clothes, jewelry, a treat and meals in restaurants. All this is done to shower them with some love and affection.

We celebrate Mother’s Day as a special day to honor and celebrate our mothers and other mother figures such as stepmothers, mothers-in-law and grandmothers for the effort they have made in the society. Mothers are a special aspect of society because they are the ones who guide us in our lives from when we are both till we are grown-ups.

This day is, therefore, a special effort to show our appreciation and gratitude for their effort in raising up as well as celebrating their achievements in society. In doing this, we show compassion towards them and also share in the joy of family and society.

Mothers, as well as mother-figures, cannot be compared to anything else in the world. Since they are the people who give birth to us, nurture us and protect us. Consequently, mother’s day is a celebration of this great love, the gift of a mother’s love as well as the maternal bonds we share with our mothers.

Therefore it is prudent that we honor them by setting aside a day that is dedicated to appreciating their efforts in bringing us up, nurturing us and giving us the care that will see us through life. Moreover, mothers are the force behind a prosperous society.

There are no alternative names for this holiday.

Mother’s Day is a holiday in the USA that is set apart to celebrate and honor mothers, maternal bonds, motherhood as well as the influence that mothers have on the society.

This day celebrates the gift we have received from God by having mothers among us who guide us and advise us from a tender age. Furthermore, they nurture us which goes a long way in ensuring we are brought up in the right manner.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year.

Mother’s Day is not a gazetted holiday, so it is only commemorated as an ordinary holiday.

Mother’s Day is not a federal holiday.

No school on this day since it is on a Sunday.

No, the post office is closed since the day falls on a Sunday.

It’s Sunday, so all Stock markets are closed: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)- No National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (Nasdaq)- No American Stock Exchange (AMEX)-No Boston Stock Exchange (BSE)-NO Boston Equities Exchange (BEX)-No Boston Options Exchange (BOX)-No Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)-No Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)-No Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)-No Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)-No International Securities Exchange (ISE)-No Miami Stock Exchange (MS4X)-No National Stock Exchange (NSX)-No Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX)-No

All businesses and organizations that are closed on Sundays.

Businesses and organizations that operate on Sunday.

We love Mother’s day since this day is different from any Sunday. This particular Sunday is usually full of love and joy since we get a chance to visit our mothers as well as our mother figures who we spend the day with.

In this light, we get a chance to interact with them and get gifts to celebrate them. Moreover, Mother’s Day is a holiday that brings various members of the family together for a common cause. Consequently, we prepare special delicacies for them or go out to a restaurant where we spend quality time with them.

The two women who established Mother’s Day in the USA are Anna Jarvis and Julia Howe. Apart from these two women, another source says that Juliet Blakely was then one who initiated these traditions in Michigan in the 1800s. In this case, her sons used to pay tribute to her and other people were encouraged to do so.

In 1870, Julia, on the other hand, called on people to celebrate mother’s day to encourage disarmament and pacifism among women. This tradition was held for almost ten years but it later died out. In1907, Anna Jarvis celebrated her mother Ann Jarvis in West Virginia. Her mother had been instrumental in organizing Work Clubs for mothers that geared at improving their health as well as cleanliness. Anna, her daughter, lobbied for women to be recognized.

Her efforts were supported by Wanamaker John who was a clothing merchant. Later in 1908, she arranged for a service at St Andrews Methodist in West Virginia that was well attended by mothers and children. This day was later designated as a Historic Landmark for all mothers.

In the years that followed, Anna was compassionate about motherhood and as a result of this, she campaigned for the establishment of mother’s day as a national holiday in the US and later as an internationally recognized holiday.

Her efforts were successful with the holiday being declared a holiday in West Virginia while the other states followed suit afterward.

On this day people make an effort of visiting their mothers as well as their other mother figures. On top of this mothers are given gifts such as cards, flowers, candy, chocolate, jewelry, clothing as well as treats such as a visit to a beauty spa.

Some families also organize family outings or prepare a special meal at home.

5 Mother’s Day Important Facts

  1. Mother Day’s is celebrated always on the Sunday of the 2nd.
  2. Popular gifts to give on Mother’s Day are: jewelry, candy, clothes, flowers and meals in restaurants.
  3. Anna Jarvis and Julia Howe were the ones who established Mother’s Day in the USA.
  4. This day celebrates the mothers that we got as a gift from god to guide us.
  5. This particular Sunday is usually full of love and joy since we get a chance to visit our mothers.

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