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Passover in United States of America 2021

When is Passover?

Began in the evening of
Saturday, 27th March, 2021

and ended in the evening of
Sunday, 4th April, 2021

Until Passover
10th April, 2017
30th March, 2018
19th April, 2019
8th April, 2020
27th March, 2021

Passover is celebrated between the 15th date and the 22nd date of Nissan which is a month in the Hebrew calendar.

This holiday is derived from the bible and is a celebration of the liberation of the Jews from Egypt which saw the Jews moving from a state of despair to redemption. This holiday plays an essential part in the lives of all Jews. Consequently, this festival is the most celebrated by Jews with about 70% of Jews in America actively participating in the celebrations.

This holiday is also connected with Jews offering barley in the Temple. Barley signifies the first grain to grow and ripen in Israel and thus it is referred to as the spring festival. This holiday starts on the 15th day of Nisan which is a Hebrew month.

The festival lasts for about seven days among Israelites and a particular section of Jews who are viewed as being progressive. In other scenarios, it lasts eight days. This is for the Hasidic, Orthodox and Jews who are perceived as being conservative.

Passover is ranked as one of the most important religious holidays for the Jews. It celebrates spring and the birth and consequent rebirth of the Israelites journey from slavery to a life of freedom. Thus the festival is more concerned with taking responsibility for one’s actions, the surrounding community and the whole world. This is in remembrance of the pain they suffered when in slavery in Egypt.

Moreover, Jews hold a belief that freedom is a fundamental human right. Consequently, they celebrate Passover to show solidarity with all the people who live under oppression or slavery. On top of this, Jews who are being oppressed often celebrate Passover as a way of expressing their desire to be set free.

The feast of Passover is based on how God saved the Israelites from slavery in Egypt through Moses. For Pharaoh to release the Israelites, a lot of miracles happened through Moses, for instance, the plagues and Moses parting the waters of the Red Sea so that the Israelites could cross and thus avoid capture from the soldiers of Pharaoh.

In this light, then Passover is a celebration of redemption from a period of degradation. Thus this holiday teaches us about justice, equality and rights of the marginalized through the experience of the Israelites.

Passover start at the evening of the 30th Mars 2018.

So, the first night of passover 2018 is on 30th Mars 2018.

Passover is also referred to as the Pesach Holiday, the festival of spring, the festival of freedom, the feast of the unleavened bread and the Pilgrim festival.

Passover refers to the name given to the great annual feast of the Jews that is observed to remember the saving grace of God when he passed over the houses of the people of Israel and passed on to the homes of the Egyptians where all the firstborns were killed.

During Passover, the Israelites ate unleavened bread and lambs were slain during this time. Many years later, the Passover was incorporated in the biblical Law in the book of Leviticus as a great festival that is to be observed by all Israelites. This also included the mode in which the feast was to be celebrated.

This Holiday takes place between the 15th-22nd dates of the Nissan. Thus for the year 2018, it will take place between 30th March and 7th April 2019 between 19th April and 27th April and in 2020 between 8th and 16th April. During this period the Seder feast is celebrated on the two first nights of the holiday.

It is also important to note that the Jewish calendar days begin at sunset of the day beforehand. As a result of this, the day that follows is the first full day of Pentecost. In the same light, the Jewish calendar days conclude when night falls.

Passover is not gazetted as a federal holiday in the USA.

Passover is not a recognized public holiday in the United States.

Yes, there is school on this day.

Yes, the post office opens just like any other working day.

The stock market is open on Passover including: NYSE – Yes Nasdaq- Yes American Stock Exchange (AMEX)-Yes Boston Stock Exchange (BSE)-Yes Boston Equities Exchange (BEX)-Yes Boston Options Exchange (BOX)-Yes Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)-Yes Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)-Yes Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)-Yes Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)-Yes International Securities Exchange (ISE)-Yes Miami Stock Exchange (MS4X)-Yes National Stock Exchange (NSX)-Yes Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX)-Yes

The Passover feast is not recognized as a federal holiday in the USA. Despite this, Jewish organizations and business usually remain closed for the entire holiday or are have restricted operating hours.

All business, schools and organizations apart from those operated by the Jews remain open.

To start with Jewish food is usually delicious thus the Passover offers people a chance to enjoy delicacies such as potato kugel and haroset. Moreover, during Passover people are allowed to indulge in drinking wine. During the Seder, which is Passover’s meal, you can drink four glasses of wine with every glass signifying the act of redemption.

This holiday is also an excellent time to enjoy some family time since the festival brings all the members of the family together to the table.

Celebrating the festival with family brings some meaning to these celebrations. On top of this, the celebration of the liberation of Jews from Egypt under the leadership of Moses can be used to signify the Jewish Independence Day.

Thus it is a good day to commemorate their history and heritage History of Passover The origin of Passover goes back to when God instructed Moses to deliver the Israelites from the hands of Pharaoh. Moses heeded God’s call and confronted Pharaoh who did not believe in God and refused to let the Israelites free. As a result of this, God sent ten plagues that affected the Egyptians.

They included flies, frogs, gnats, locusts, hail and darkness. The final plague that dealt the Egyptians a blow was the death of the firstborn in each family. For God to shield the Israelites from this ordeal, he gave them instructions that they were to follow. For instance, each family was expected to slaughter a lamb and after that paint their doors with some of its blood.

The rest of the lamb’s meat was to be eaten. Thus when the angel of death came to their houses, he would pass over the houses of Israel and move on to those of the Egyptians.

The thing is that in Passover the jews do NOT eat bread, so the main bread like called Matzah. You can not imagin what you can do with Matza: Knish, Lasagne, Calzone, Cannoli, Quiche, Kreplach and many others kinds of food.

Passover offers Jews people a chance to enjoy delicacies such as potato, kugel and haroset.

Here you can find 101 creative recipes simply made with Matza.

The Seder is a feast that includes reading the Hagadah, drinking 4 glasses of wine, telling stories about The Exodus thousands years ago, eating special foods like Matza, Knish, Matzah ball, Potato pancake and singing.

Passover is a Jewish holiday with NO school, so it’s time to be togheter and to travel.

Pesach Movies

5 Passover Important Facts

  1. A Jewish Holiday.
  2. This holiday is the celbration of the liberation of the Jews from Egypt.
  3. This holiday starts on the 15th day of Nisan which is a Hebrew month.
  4. Passover is also called Pesach Holiday.
  5. Passover refers to the saving grace of god when he passed on the Jews houses.

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