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St Patrick’s Day in United States of America 2021

When is St Patrick’s Day?

17th March, 2021

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17 March, 2017
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17 March, 2021

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March every year.

This is a religious and cultural day that celebrates St Patrick. This day is used to commemorate the arrival and acceptance of Christianity in Ireland back in the 5th Century.

As a result of this, this day is a feast day that is observed by various denominations such as the Anglican Church, the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

On top of that, the day is used to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of the Irish.

During this day’s festivals, special foods are prepared, dancing and public parades are conducted. Moreover, on this day people wear green clothes and decorations on streets and buildings is usually green. In the same light, Christians attend church services held in honor of St Patrick.

St Patrick’s Day celebrates the great missionary work of St Patrick in Ireland.

The country was densely inhabited by pagans especially the druids. St Patrick was thus tasked with preaching to these pagans and consequently win over souls to Christ.

This was a difficult task for him, but he took the task head on and he successfully converted many to Christianity.

He was associated with the Shamrock since he used to teach about the holy trinity which in Christianity means that God is three in one. That is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

On top of this, he was able to ordain priests as well as establish monasteries.

The day also celebrates the rich Irish people and their traditions. As a result of this, various religious and festive activities are carried out on this day. For instance: dances, parades and special foods are prepared on this day. In fact, this day leads in the consumption of alcohol in the United States. Even Christians are allowed to break the Lenten fast to celebrate the day.

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated for either religious or cultural reasons.

In religion, the day commemorates the achievements of St Patrick in Ireland. St Patrick was a missionary who worked in Ireland in the 5th Century. He was a man of faith who was able to do away with Pagan practices and consequently, he won many souls into the Catholic Church. As a result of this, many people were baptized, confirmed and others were ordained as priests.

St Patrick’s Day is also a day set aside to celebrate the rich Irish Culture. This culture offers a lot in terms of music, dances and food. Thus on this day, it is common practice to wear green clothes and attend parades.

St Patrick celebrations originated in Ireland and were used to commemorate his missionary work that he did with a lot of zeal. Consequently, he was able to convert many pagans to Christianity.

On this journey, he faced a lot of difficulties since many pagans were not willing to give up their old religion particularly the druids. Despite these challenges, St Patrick did not give up and he preached in various towns, tore down idols and established the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Furthermore, he baptized and confirmed many. Also during his tenure, many were ordained as priests and monasteries erected. As a result of these wonderful achievements of St Patrick, a day was set aside to celebrate him and his accomplishments in spreading the gospel. Over time these celebrations spread beyond Ireland.

Consequently, this day is celebrated the world over. Over time, this holiday has however moved from its religious roots and is used to celebrate the Irish and their traditions.

St Patrick’s Day is also called Patrick’s Day, Feast of Saint Patrick, L? Fheile P’draig, St Patty’s Day or St Paddy’s Day.

This is a day set aside to commemorate St Patrick a missionary who worked in Ireland.

The day celebrates the arrival and spread of Christianity in Ireland. Moreover, the date, 17th March when the day is commemorated is the death date of St Patrick.

On this day Christians of various denominations attend church services and in the case when the day is celebrated during the Lenten season, the restrictions associated with this season are lifted.

The day is also used to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of the Irish. This is celebrated in Ireland and outside Ireland for instance in the United States of America.

During these festivities, special Irish dishes are prepared, public parades conducted, festivals held and green attires worn.

St Patrick’s Day is a Christian holiday.

St Patrick’s Day is not a recognized holiday in the United States of America and thus businesses and other activities go on as usual.

Yes, there is school on this day.

Yes, the post office opens just like any other working day.

Yes. All the stock exchanges like: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (Nasdaq), American Stock Exchange (AMEX), Boston Stock Exchange (BSE), Boston Equities Exchange (BEX), Boston Options Exchange (BOX), Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX), International Securities Exchange (ISE), Miami Stock Exchange (MS4X), National Stock Exchange (NSX), Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) are OPEN

This day is NOT gazetted as a federal holiday in the USA, therefore, businesses, schools and organizations open as usual.

All business, schools and organizations are usually open on this day.

St Patrick’s Day is a crucial day for many people apart from the Irish. This day serves to commemorate the great missionary work of St Patrick.

As a result of this, the annual festivity is usually full of pomp and color.

To start with the day’s parade is something to behold because people get a chance to enjoy a good time while at the same time sporting those wonderful and outrageous green outfits and dancing to good music.

This day also enables people from different spheres of life to interact freely and enjoy Irish delicacies such as corned beef and cabbage.

Moreover, the day is after Christmas festivities and before Easter holidays. A long period of time that does not offer people a good time to party.

Consequently, St Patrick’s Day is a good excuse for indulging in Irish beer and green beer. Thus this day offers an opportunity for people to meet and party.

The 17th March is the day set aside to celebrate the great work of St Patrick. It is on this date that he passed on in Ireland.

The first observance of this day in the USA can be traced back to 1737. Back then, the celebration was not based on the Catholic church this because most of the immigrants into the USA were mainly protestants. Thus the celebrations were primarily to honor their homeland.

This went on up to the 1880s when the day became more important with the immigration of Irish Catholics this coupled with the hatred brought by the British Oppression served to strengthen the celebrations of this day.

From that period henceforth St Patrick’s Day became more of a national theme and was consequently appreciated by Irish residents and Americans in the USA.

From that time henceforth, the day served as a commemoration of the oppression and suffering under the British. As a result of this, it had a significant influence on the culture of Americans thus enriching its heritage that needed to be admired and celebrated.

This day is a global celebration of St Patrick who is a patron saint in Ireland who worked as a missionary in Ireland in the 5th Century.

This day is particularly important because he was able to win over many souls to Christ despite facing a lot of resistance from the inhabitants. On top of this, he was able to put up monasteries and also to ordain many priests in this country.

This day is also set aside to celebrate the rich Irish culture this is through parades, dances, music, attires and delicacies. Celebrating St Patrick’s Day On this day, people dress up in green, white and orange which are contained in the Irish flag.

The emphasis is however usually on the green color which symbolizes sympathy for Irish independence back in the 18th century. On this day Lenten fasting obligations are lifted.

On the actual day most faithful begin the day with mass after which celebrations kick in. Furthermore, people get a chance to devour Irish delicacies especially green foods. These celebrations, however, reach fever pitch when residents indulge in drinking Irish beer as well as holding of Irish themed parties.

As a result of this, sales of Irish beers such as Guinness (an Irish beer) hits higher numbers as compared to other days. The icing on the cake for this day is the street parades when people take to the streets to commemorate St Patrick’s Day.

5 St Patrick’s Day Important Facts

  1. St Patrick was working in Ireland in the 5th century.
  2. This day is to Celebrate the rich Irish culture.
  3. Schools, businesses and organizations open as usual.
  4. The first observance of St Patrick day in the USA can be traced back to 1737.
  5. Green is this day color: people wear green clothes and streets & building decorations are usually green.

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