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Sweetest Day in United States of America 2020

When is Sweetest Day?

17th October, 2020

Until Sweetest Day
21st October, 2017
20th October, 2018
19th October, 2019
17th October, 2020

Sweetest Day is annually celebrated on the third Saturday of October.

Sweetest Day is a holiday which is only celebrated on several states of the USA, mainly in the Midwest and in the Northeastern regions. Targeted mostly for male individuals (although this is not applicable to all states), this occasion commemorates the love and various types of affections being provided by men, so female lovers and wives provide sweet and special gifts, sometimes in the form of candies or the latest gadgets or electronics to their counterparts.

There are a handful of negative feedback about this holiday, however, and some say that this was only established by companies to promote the further capitalization of sweets to promote consumerist behavior. Originally, the celebration of Sweetest Day first started out in Cleveland on October 10, 1921 when a committee of 12 confectioners decided to give out 20,000 boxes of candies to the less privileged children of the state.

These include orphans, newsboys, the aged, the disabled and the poor. Even famous celebrities participated in the giving of candies and other sweets. Since then, the tradition continued and every year, sweets are being given, but are not just limited to the marginalized.

Similar to Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day provides gifts of sweet nibblers to one’s friends and family members. Some Americans still try to keep the original tradition alive, so instead of candies or sweet little things to hand out, they give toys or useful books to the marginalized in the community.

The holiday of Sweetest Day celebrates romantic love and friendship among individuals in the United States, however, this occasion is mostly confined in the states located in the Midwest and Northeastern areas. Participants give each other gifts such as cakes, cookies, candies, chocolates, flowers and greeting cards to relay their love and appreciation of others in various ways.

It is important to note that the Sweetest Day occasion is not just limited among lovers and sweethearts, and friends and family members can also show their love and affection for each other through their own creative ways.

This tradition started out when 12 kind men who are incidentally owners of confectionary companies decided to give out sweets to the less privileged. Some still continue to give out such goodies to spread kindness and awareness.

The celebration of the Sweetest Holiday marks how we regard our special someones by giving them chocolates, candies, flowers and other types of sweet, affectionate gestures. Love is often underrated and underappreciated, and through the help of this holiday, we acknowledge that our friends and significant others have played a huge part of our lives.

We also look back in the year 1922 wherein the Sweetest Day was allocated in giving the less privileged Americans a reason to be joyful by means of chocolates and other goodies provided by the confectionary committee back then. For some, Sweetest Day is a day to commemorate their love and friendship, while some on the hand consider it as a way to give back to those who most need it.

Based on the name itself, Sweetest Day is a day of giving all kinds of sweet things to those whom you love and appreciate. It is a day of giving candies, chocolates and tokens of appreciation to everyone, but this is mostly just celebrated by Americans living in the Northeastern and Midwest areas. Ohio is said to be the largest contributor to this holiday celebration.

Aside from valuing sweets and chocolates, Sweetest Day commemorates that eventful time in 1922 wherein sweets were given to the underprivileged citizens of America to foster hope and the spirit of giving in terms of candies and chocolates. No one would ever refuse a good dose of sweets, and there is more to the actual candies than just its face value. The message of love, appreciation and gratitude is sealed in each gift given that day, and we all value its significance.

Sweetest Day falls on a Saturday every year. Held every third Saturday of October, Sweetest Day gives everyone a chance to celebrate it as public institutions are closed and commercial establishments are open, giving them a time to appreciate their special ones’ companionship.

Sweetest is not considered as be a Federal, State Public holiday. It just celebrates the occasion of love and friendship without and is marked as a holiday observance.

No, Sweetest Day is not a public holiday. Not everyone in the entire country celebrates this occasion.

As Sweetest Day is celebrated during the third SATURDAY of October, no, there are typically no classes during this day.

Depends on the state. Some post offices are open during Saturdays while some have shorter working hours on that particular day.

No. The stock market is typically closed during the weekends. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)- No National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (Nasdaq)- No American Stock Exchange (AMEX)- No Boston Stock Exchange (BSE)- No Boston Equities Exchange (BEX)- No Boston Options Exchange (BOX)- No Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)- No Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)- No Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)- No Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)- No International Securities Exchange (ISE) – No Miami Stock Exchange (MS4X) – No National Stock Exchange (NSX) – No Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) – No

Mostly, schools, universities, government and city offices are closed during the celebration of the Sweetest Day. Post office hours depend on the regulations of each state.

Sweetest Day is celebrated every third week of the Saturday, so unless required by schools or universities, students are not usually in class. Shops, parks, malls and public commercial establishments are open during this occasion.

Sweetest Day celebrates love and affections for all of our friends and significant others. And besides, who doesn’t want to receive sweets and nice gifts that show one’s appreciation? This is yet another reason to spread love to everyone without being limited to the celebration of Valentine’s Day. And with the colder weather during October, celebrating Sweetest Day gets so much better.

Although there might be a suggestion that Sweetest Day just encourages people to buy lots of sweets from chocolates and sweets establishments, the very idea of giving others some token of appreciation and acknowledging them for their contribution in our lives is wonderful. And since the Sweetest Day is not limited to be directed only towards those who have their romantic partners, everyone can join in the fun.

On the 10th day of October 1922, it was initiated by a committee of 12 confectionery heads that giving sweets to the less privileged citizens of the country is a good way to spread kindness and joy. This will allow them to uplift their spirits and provide even the briefest moments of happiness. So on that day, about 22,000 boxes of chocolates, candies and other types of sweets were given out to orphans, newspaper boys, disabled individuals and even to the elderly, and my, what a sweet day it was.

Also, the Sweetest Day’s gift of giving was said to commemorate the very long and enjoyable Sweetest Week in 1919 when the war with Europe was ended. Because of this, the supply and ration of sugar and sweetening products returned to normal, and to celebrate, everyone had their fill of candies and chocolates which they so loved.

And now, to continue with this tradition, everyone gives their friends and families gifts of sweet nibblers, but not only limited to candies and chocolates. Some choose to bake cookies and cakes, and sometimes, the old custom of giving gifts to the underprivileged are still continued.

5 Sweetest Day Important Facts

  1. Sweetest Day is celebrated every third Saturday of October every year.
  2. Sweetest Day is celebrated mainly in the Midwest and in the Northeastern regions.
  3. Sweetest Day celebrates romantic love and friendship among individuals.
  4. Common gifts are cakes, cookies, candies, chocolates, flowers and greeting cards.
  5. Sweetest is not considered as be a Federal, State Public holiday.

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