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Why is Thanksgiving Day Celebrated?

Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks for a successful year of harvest. Moreover, it is a day of appreciating the fruits of the labor of Americans be it from their farms or other income-generating activities.

In this light, Americans also commemorate this day to offer thanks for their nation and the various achievements they have gained in the preceding year.

Americans commemorate thanksgiving as a day of giving thanks for their bountiful harvest for the preceding year as well as their achievements as a nation.

Americans give thanks for autumn’s harvest as well as thanksgiving for what they have achieved in the preceding year.

This day celebrates Americans coming together to offer thanks for the nation and the various milestones they have achieved as a nation.

In the same light, this holiday is a day when friends and family come together and enjoy a special meal together as they celebrate their achievements as well as what they have. A typical special dish consists of potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie, vegetables, stuffing and turkey.

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