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Veterans Day in United States of America 2020

When is Veterans Day?

11th November, 2020

Until Veterans Day
11th November, 2017
11th November, 2018
11th November, 2019
11th November, 2020

Veterans Day is celebrated on 11th November, each year.

Veterans Day is the one day of the year that is dedicated entirely to the veterans who served this country. It is celebrated on the 11th of November with parades, ceremonies, and speeches that honor and thank the veterans.

The holiday honors both the living veterans and the dead and recognizes that without their sacrifices, the country wouldn’t have been kept safe and secure.

The holiday celebrates the dedication service men make in keeping the United States a safe country. All the veterans have sacrificed their lives for the good and the security of all the people who they served.

Veterans Day celebrates honor, integrity, and sacrifice as the values that drove veterans to be the best they can be. It celebrates the living veterans and it is the perfect day to give them the honor and thanks they deserve.

We celebrate Veterans Day to remember the veterans and the sacrifices they made for their country. We take this day to remind ourselves that we are free and secure because they were willing and ready to lay their lives for the safety and independence of the United States.

Every person who served in the military is to be honored, regardless if it was during war or peacetime. Each of them dedicated their lives and fought through tough condition to keep this country free of any enemies. These are reasons enough to allow this day to be all about them and their sacrifice.

Veterans Day is the day we thank and honor all military personnel for their dedication and service to this country. The holiday recognizes not only the ones who gave their lives in the process but also the ones who are still living.

It has been celebrated since 1919, one year after the armistice between the Allies and Germany finally put an end to the World War I.

Veterans Day was originally called “Armistice Day”.

Veterans Day is the one day of the year we set aside to thank and honor everyone who served in the military, regardless if it was during peace or war.
As opposed to Memorial Day, it focuses mostly on living veterans rather than the dead because not only the ones who died have shown commitment and dedication to the country.

This special day remembers that all military personnel has helped keep the country safe.

Veterans Day is the one day of the year when we celebrate every veteran who once served in the military for their dedication, courage, and commitment to making the United States a great nation.

Veterans Day is celebrated on the November 11, each year. If this is a working day, many of the celebrations are moved to the weekend that follows so that as many people as possible can focus their attention on the great men who served in the military.

Veterans Day is a public federal and state holiday.

Veterans Day is a public federal and state holiday.

Schools are free to choose whether they stay open or close during the holiday, as they are not required to follow closure policies. Most schools choose to stay open.

The US Postal Service recognizes Veterans Day as a federal holiday. Thus, all local Post Offices will be closed with no mail delivery on that day. Private postal companies such as FedEx and UPS treat Veterans Day as a normal working day.

All the stock markets are open inculde: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ), American Stock Exchange (Amex), BSE, BEX, BOX, CBOE, CBOT, CME, CHX, ISE, MS4X, NSX, PHLX.

All federal employees will have the day off, except for Wisconsin that doesn’t recognize Veterans Day. Libraries and post offices are closed. Some schools and banks can also be closed.

Shops, Parks, Malls and any commercial enterprises are open and so are some schools and banks.

Veterans Day is the one day of the year that forces us to look upon the contributions veterans had to the defense of the United States. The holiday focuses on thanking and honoring the living veterans as well as the ones who gave their lives to the country.

The veterans deserve our attention and respect because, without them, this nation wouldn’t be as we know it.

Veterans Day was first celebrated in 1019, one year after the agreement between the Allies and Germany has finally put an end to World War I. It was still known as Armistice Day when it became an official holiday in 1938, through a Congressional act.

It was in 1945 that a World War II veteran, Raymond Weeks, first suggested celebrating the veterans from all US wars on this occasion. In 1954, the holiday was officially named Veterans Day.

From 1971 to 1975, the holiday was celebrated on the fourth Monday each October but it was moved back to its original date as it has a great historic and patriotic significance.

Veterans Day is celebrated by ceremonies and parades organized by the military or the government in every state. Each ceremony celebrates the veterans of a specific war or battle.

Veterans Day is marked with many sad parades and ceremonies that lead us into the sad but honorable reality of the veterans who dedicated their lives to the country. Ceremonies are held in each state, most at national military cemeteries. All these ceremonies are on November 11.

Veterans Day parades are organized throughout the country. Parades are blended with speeches, all intended to remind us of the sacrifices the military personnel has made throughout the years. All branches of the US military are involved in these parades.

Hollywood has always been keen to show people how important Veterans Day with many movies that celebrate the commitment men and women have. Some relevant titles are:
American Sniper (2016),
Lone Survivor (2013),
The Tillman Story (2010),
The Hurt Locker (2008).

Many books have been written to commemorate this special day. One of the most well-known isVeterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood by Valerie Pfundstein, now at its second edition. The book is an excellent way to introduce children to the idea and concept of a veteran.

Many veterans from various branches of the military are mentioned here.

Another title worthy of being mentioned is Veterans Day by Mir Ansary. This book is also intended for children and gives a lot of information and the history of the Veterans Day.

5 Veterans Day Important Facts

  1. Celebrated on the 11th of November every year
  2. Dedicated to the Veterans who served their country
  3. Originally called “Armistice Day”
  4. Public federal and state holiday
  5. Many ceremonies and parades

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